Ceylon Agbiz (Pvt) Ltd

Ceylon Agbiz (Pvt) Ltd was established with the ambition of providing high quality tropical healthy food for the global consumer with ease and at affordable prices.

We supply finest Spice Extracts, Raw Spices, King Coconut Water and other agricultural products worldwide from the beautiful island of Sri Lanka which is well known for Ceylon Cinnamon and Ceylon Tea for centuries.

Sri Lanka is considered as a paradise for the finest spices in the world led by Ceylon Cinnamon and Ceylon Black Pepper. 

Exotic flavors of Sri Lankan spices have made it a spice hub for many years and historical records indicate that traders around the world have visited Sri Lanka as early as the 13th Century.

Formed by its unique terroir, spices of Sri Lanka have unique chemical composition, flavor and aroma notes, which makes them highly demanded products in the global spice market.

Today, we continue to provide the world with the finest spices in the form of extracts under “Essence of Ceylon” product range which includes Ceylon Cinnamon Extract, Black Pepper Extract, Chai Masala Extract, Cardomom Extract, Ginger Extract, Nutmeg Extract, Mace Extract and Clove Extract. 

Our Organic King Coconut Water which is one of the best natural dehydrators in the world, reaches global markets in the form of bottles and cans in different flavors providing the refreshing indigenous taste of Sri Lanka.

Our products are carefully sourced from the rural farmers and packed in state-of-the-art facilities maintaining high standards of hygiene to ensure the quality and freshness till it reaches the end consumer.

Further our initiative helps hundreds of rural farmers to uplift their livelihood by supplying their fresh produce to consumers across the globe through Ceylon Agbiz (Pvt) Ltd.

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

We comply with Good Agricultural Practices initiated by the authorities in Sri Lanka to ensure economic viability, environmental sustainability, social acceptability and food safety and quality. Through this commitment we ensure our consumers will enjoy better and safe quality food comes through sustainable production.

Our Certifications