Ceylon Cinnamon Extract


  • Natural Ceylon Cinnamon Extract
  • Permitted food stabilizer and emulsifier INS 422, INS 433

Health Benefits

  1. Supports Heart Health
  2. Blood sugar control
  3. Anti-inflammatory effects
  4. Antioxidant properties
  5. Anti-microbial properties

Adding Value to Beverages and Food

  1. Distinctive flavor
  2. Versatility – Can be used in wide range of beverages and food products
  3. Natural alternative to sweeteners


Tea, Coffee, Coktails, Mocktails, Soup, herbal drinks, Smoothies


Bread & Bakery, Cookies, Cinnamon pie, Soups, Curries, marinades, salad dressing.


  1. Concentrated form
  2. Shelf stability – 2 years shelf life (6 months after opening)
  3. Easy incorporation
  4. Time Saving